The Interstitium, the Largest Organ We Never Knew We Had

March 27, 2018

What amazing and encouraging news. A study published in Scientific Reports on this week suggests that a previously unknown organ has been found in the human body. It is also the thought that this new organ is the largest by volume among all 80 organs — if what the researchers found is, in fact, an organ.


Endoscopists,  Carr-Locke and Benias and pathologists  Theise 'stumbled upon it', it truly is an astounding find. 



The new organ, is a thin layer of dense connective tissue throughout the body, sandwiched just under our skin and within the middle layer of every visceral organ. The organ also made up all the fascia, or the thin mesh of tissue separating every muscle and all the tissue around every vein and artery, from largest to smallest. What initially seemed to be a solid, dense, connective tissue layer is actually a complex network of fluid-filled cavities that are strong and flexible, yet so tiny and undiscerning that they escaped the attention of the brightest scientific minds for generations.


The space is in direct communication with the lymphatic system as the origin of lymph fluid, which means the interstitium’s system of fluid-filled backroads could explain the metastasis of cancer cells and their quick spread beyond the limits of the organ in which the cancer started.


Please God let this be the breakthrough we have been waiting for. 

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